The Nexus: A show about the intersection between faith and doubt

The Nexus AGSJG Header

I’m very happy to announce the return of The Crappy Christian Show … (kinda pretty much The Crappy Christian Show, but slightly different)!

If you don’t know about it, before GeekBrief.TV, Luria and I produced an audio podcast called The Crappy Christian Show. The title was tongue-in-cheek with the idea being, if “good Christians” are against gay rights, then we were happy to be “crappy Christians.”

The new show is called The Nexus and it’s about the intersection between faith and doubt. It’s hosted by Randy Eddy-McCain and me. On each episode we’ll have a conversation with an interesting guest about either their journey toward faith or away from it.

The show is being hosted and syndicated by The Machine. That makes me almost as happy as just doing the show in the first place. The Machine is responsible for producing and distributing podcasts for creative people at the top of their game. The Nexus might seem a little different than their other shows, but ultimately it is is about thinking different about faith and doubt, without any rules limiting what anyone finds to be true.

Ultimately my goal is that it brings Randy an audience for “And God Save Judy Garland” outside of the circle of people who already knows him and loves him.